Australian Independent Contractors Agency

AICA provides an alternative method of engaging your personnel, removing all employer-employee relationships and payroll administration. It allows greater cash flow, taxation advantages and lifestyle products but also allows your business to fix engagement costs and save on administration.

The AICA system removes employment headaches such as superannuation, PAYG, workers compensation, payroll and other payment issues. Recruitment and other employment costs such as long service leave, holidays and sick leave are also removed. In short we take care of all staff administration issues, allowing you to concentrate your time on managing your business.

The AICA method of engaging personnel is different from a legal contract of employment. This allows you to consider better ways to remunerate your people, for example by production or performance - so good results are rewarded. AICA can help you design and implement a remuneration system that will increase the productivity of your business and reward staff that reach or exceed their goals.

With this simple, proven, system your business can attract effective people that give your business an edge over the competition. Our system has been validated by the Federal and High Courts of Australia and most Industrial Relations Commissions. It is also accepted by the Australian Tax Office.

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